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Diabetic Foot Care

It is important for people with diabetes to be acutely aware of their feet. Ordinary problems can rapidly escalate and lead to serious complications. Typically, people living with diabetes will eventually experience decreased circulation or sensation in the feet. Nerves to the foot that control sweating stop functioning leading to dry, cracked and peeling skin. This nerve damage can also lessen your ability to feel sensation, allowing foot injury to occur more easily. Because of this, ulceration is a common occurrence with the diabetic foot.

A diabetic foot ulcer is a defect or break in the skin and is often caused by excessive pressure or rubbing against the skin from things such as ill-fitting shoes, decreased flexibility, walking barefoot, or insufficient shoe cushion. It can act as a portal through which harmful bacteria can enter, and may result in serious infection.

Tips for diabetic foot care:

  • Wash and inspect your feet and toes daily
  • Wear soft, thick socks; avoid socks that have heavy seams or that are constrictive
  • Wear appropriate, properly-fitted footwear indoors and out
  • Visit a podiatrist regularly for a diabetic foot check and for help to remove any calluses, corns, warts, or thick toenails.


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